got the wrong bean

pjames(8/LA)April 14, 2009

I just returned from a local garden shop. I live in NW Louisianna and was looking for Scarlet Runner beans that I have seen described here on GW forum.

Nobody I know has ever heard of these beans, but they sounded like they would be a good one to try. I have seen posts on GW that they grow both south of me and north.

The man running the shop sold me a small pack of what he called Hyacinth beans. Very dark with white strip down one edge. He said this variety grew vigorously had lavendar flowers rather than scarlet, and you get a pod that you shell like a pea but he didn't tell me they are tasteless like i see on the threads here. To give him credit he didn't act like he was all that impressed with them himself.

Anybody out there have some real scarlet runner beans available?

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In more ways than one: ) Maybe someone with more knowledge of this bean will jump in here, but I thought Hyacinth beans were poisonous at certain stages.

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I have a couple dozen I could send you, would that be enough? Just plain ol' Scarlet Runners that I grew in pots last year. Could you email me your address? No need for sase.

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