Calla Lily Help please

effieFebruary 19, 2013

I have a calla lily that i have had for about 2 years. two weeks ago I re-potted it into a bigger planter, ever since, it is very droopy. I don't know if it is in shock? I thought maybe it needed more water so I tried that and now some of the leaves are turning yellow but it has not perked up at all. I am in an office with fluorescent lighting. There is no window for natural light. If this would help I can always take it home until it gets better. Should I let it dry out and then try to give it some fertilizer and if so what kind?

your help is deeply appreciated as I do not want to lose my plant.

Thank you

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Calla lilies are technically an 'Aroid' so you would get a better answer in the ariod forum rather than asking us lily nerds here in the lily (lilium) forum. It is highlited in 'red' above. However, it sounds like your plant is going thru transplant shock (somewhat the normal thing). Also, I'd question whether the office fluorescent lighting is providing enough of the correct light wavelength and whether it's intense enough. Be careful not to over water at this time (just keep moist) and don't fertilize until it is actively growing again. But again, ask those people over there in the Aroids forum. Lots of Calla lily experts over there.

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