replant lillies?

stytchidFebruary 2, 2013

I have a flower bed along the front of my house with Easter Lillies planted in it from years and years ago. They're very resilient and bloom every year (though sometimes they yield many flowers and other times they don't); they're spaced about asymmetrically about 4in to 2 feet apart along the bed and I'm going to put roses in the same bed towards the south end. The main cluster of lillies is in the north end and I want to move the bulbs to the north end altogether so the roses have room. Now some bulbs are huge (6" diameter) with bulbettes and all have green leaves about 3' in length but my main concern is can I move these now to replant? I've read that you can move the bulbs no problem. In prepping the bed for the roses I discovered my olive trees have thick roots running through the bed and in removing a major root, some of the lily bulbs were disrupted from their places. Each bulb has white roots already established. So can I go about moving them now towards another area of the bed and if so, how?

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If you're going to move them, you should do it now while the weather is still a little 'coolish'. There will be transplant shock but your bulbs are so large they should contain plenty enough stored energy to see them thru the move. For those plants that are still in the ground, try to move them as a clump. Try to keep all the roots intack but if you cut or break a few, don't worry, the bulb will grow new ones. Plant all the large bulbs at the same depth they were before. You can tell that by the color of the old stem. If you discover new little baby bulbs along the way, plant those in a new seperate group about twice their diameter deep. Because of the adjustment required by the move, your plants may flower a week or two later this year. Also, flowering is hard on a plant so if some plants look distressed when they bud out, it's best to cut the flowerhead off just above the leaves. That way the energy normally used for flowering will be stored back into the bulb for next years growth and many more flowers.

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