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lily316(z5PA)February 10, 2012

That's what Jerry Sandusky's lawyer said today at his hearing. Well, too damn bad. Old pervert Jerry has been "hanging out" on his deck in the middle of winter with some snow on the ground watching the little kiddies play on the playground equipment just yards from his house. His house is located mere yards from an elementary school, and the kids were complaining to the teacher. Also the neighbors went to court today asking he be confined to inside his house. This guy should be in prison, yet he wants all his grandkids to be allowed to visit and wants to be able to leave his house. What's he thinking? That this is a freaking vacation? >>>And Mrs Jerry almost deliberately ran over a Pittsburgh reporter who was standing on the street in front of their home yesterday reporting live. This car whipped in the driveway at a high rate of speed forcing the woman on camera to quickly jump out of the way. Old Dottie should be on trial too as she aided and abetted.

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I heard that. I almost threw up a little.

Same with the additional news about the abomination that happened to those little Powell boys before the explosion which would have killed them instantly anayway.

That man was the textbook definition of an evil narcissistic.

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Ahh poor thing. He does need a vacation. A nice jail cell with big Bubba as a cellie would do nicely.

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That scumbag getting VIP treatment.

I hear the religionists are planning to show up at their funeral - the Powell children had to die because Washington State is allowing homo marriage.

Such good christians.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Every time I see this story my heart hurts so bad for the kids he hurt. I think of the kid that thought "I am going to get help" and Mike McQueary walked away.

People want to give Paterno a pass because of the good he did. If you hurt or permit one kid to be rapped you cannot get a pass in my mind. I do not care how much money you gave to the college. You cannot buy your way out of harming children.

They all are going to suffer before they leave this earth. You do not get away unharmed when you are this bad.

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My husband and I caught some of the reports on a news program that just happened to be on before something he wanted to see... I saw the stories before the timer switched channels...

The religionists can explain it any way they want, but there are going to be many very disappointed and confused persons standing before those supposed pearly gates one day, trying to open them with a key that won't fit.

What goes around, comes around...

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So he has a little taste of what those who have been abused experience their whole life minus the panic attacks, sleep disorders, hyper vigilance, loss of ability to trust on some really basic level and possibly something worse fears that they will repeat the same behavior. Forget the unrelenting rage.

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Both stories leave me nauseated. I just cannot wrap my mind around what kind of evil this encompasses. And "Christians" wonder why they are mocked!!!

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"All of a sudden these people turn on me when they've been in my home with their kids, they've attended birthday parties here for my grandchildren, they've been on that deck and in that yard," he said. "It's been difficult to be honest."

This is perfectly an example of narcissism! No fathoming for the fear his very appearance engenders. No idea of the delicate conversations that might have gone on in families trying to quell their own fears that something amiss may have happened to one of their own children around him.
This is inconvenience is something thats happening to him.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

If he was my neighbor, I'd circulate a petition to have him removed from the neighborhood.

I'll confess that I keep a close watch on the neighborhood of my grandchildren. Every month I check the sexual predator list to make sure none have moved near them. I know that's not 100% safe, but it doesn't hurt to be vigilant.

Jerry thinks he's suffering? Imagine the suffering he has caused. Arrogant fool.

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Our local stations had even more footage of Sandusky last night and showed excerpts of his narcissistic rants in the front of the camera. Also those reporters allowed in the courtroom thought he behaved in a juvenile joking way laughing on the stand. He is a clueless old turd, who should be locked up. His neighbors changed? Oh well, Jerry. Maybe that's after they were aware of the fact you were raping little boys. Remember this is not one charge, but 54!! And I think Mrs Jerry is a POS enabler.

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