Yellow Peas

woodfernApril 11, 2008

I bought Yellow Peas. 5lb, probably repackaged (I'm thinking now) bulk beans from local health food store.

They look like large black eye peas.

I cooked a large batch (simmer all day). They are large! And to us they taste more like pinto 'beans' and look like beans....beautiful, but beans, not peas.

I have a picture I took of the cooked product:) but didn't know where to put it here.

The eye is still very prominent, they held together well and cooked much longer than a 'pea'.

I also have spent longer than I care to admit looking for a picture of them on the net. They are NOT the lentil like yellow peas.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I will add pic if someone will be so kind as to tell me where would be a good place. Thanks....

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If it tastes like a bean, it most likely is a bean. While southern peas vary widely in flavor, all of them will remind you of the Blackeye pea not a dried bean. Is the bean yellow? there are lots of those. Does it actually look like a blackeye pea. In my youth there were several folks who grew a wax bean whose seed looked like a Blackeye pes until you noticed that it was polished smooth and not matte like a blackeye. One of the more popular dried beans of the 50's was the Yellow Eye, which was a little larger tha a blackeye pea, but the eye was a shade of yellow rather than black.

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Thank you farmerdilla.
Here is a pic.
This was after they were cooked:) And I became suspicious:) They were cooked in a beef broth (all I had) so they are a tad browner than when dry. But the eye is still the same dark color. And they are large. And now that you mention it I believe they were waxier than a matte black eye. I know they were larger and prettier.
Hope I do this link correctly.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Now you have my curiosity up...I hope you get an answer...what was the brand of the pea...I might like to try this one...I so love beans and peas...It almost looks like a bean.

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