The MacDaddy Set-up - Your thoughts??

mcrean1(z8 GA)February 6, 2005

Would you folks share your thoughts on a premium growlight set-up/configuration? I see the high end units advertised in Gardener's Supply and Ferry Morse and the like (multi-shelf, multi-light) and they certainly price them as premium units, but I'm new to this and not sure that there's a direct correlation to price=performance and would like to hear from you.

Also, can you share your sources for a premium unit (i.e. your favorites). My budget is $1,000 and from what I've seen I should be able to get something reasonably decent for that.

Again, your thoughts and feedback most appreciated.

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You can setup a 4 shelve unit with 3 lights on each shelve (which is more light than you will ever need) for less than $300 including stand, shoplights, fluorescent lightbulbs, extension cords, conversion (3 plugs to 1) units, etc.

Buy regular 40w cool white light bulbs. They are cheaper and better.

Alternatively, consider a Metal Halide lighting system with 400-1000w bulb. Buy a good reflector (worth it) and a full spectrum bulb.

If you are going in layers (e.g. shelve types) then buy the fluorescent light fixtures. If you have a large area, then go with the MH setup.

Don't waste your money on the setups by the companies mentioned. All they provide is what you can get out of shoplights w/coolwhite fluorescent bulbs.

Alternatively, if you are keen on spending the money, consider compact fluorescent light fixtures. You can buy both twin-tube and quard-tube types. They can be pricey, but they also put out a lot of light. Try the aquarium stores online for good resources.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Meek Lumber, online, has a real nice 4 shelf unit, heavy duty, for $88. even putting 2 four foot shop lights per shelf, at about $8. each, plus bulbs come to way less than your budget. mine didnt go that high, so this is what i found. oh yes, the shelves--and lights are adjustable

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mcrean1(z8 GA)

I looked at that site but didn't find it. What's it listed under?

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

If you are the Do-It-Your-Self type, you can buy Commercial Shoplights from Home Depot for $7.25 each, no bulbs included.

I mention this because if you get into overdriving, the units I bought last week had the Sunpark SL-15 ballasts that are ideal for overdriving.

Buy or build a rack and you could really, really splurge on lights with the $900 you'd have left over...


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