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andyinnycFebruary 4, 2010

I'm sure this has been discussed, but my searches haven't gotten me the answer for which I'm searching (so thanks for indulging me).

I have 6 of the original $7 or so Home Depot lights on my rack in the basement. These have the 'good' ballasts that were suggested years ago when I bought them.

The fixtures have (I believe) 40 watt T-12s.

I need two new fixtures and the ones I own are unavailable for purchase. I have added an additional shelf to the growing platform (woo hoo, more plants).

Two questions:

1. What fixture should I buy (best 4' x two fixtures bang for the buck)?

2. I believe my current fixtures take a variety of bulbs - should I replace the T12s with something else or new T12s (they are getting long in the tooth and are probably putting out a lot less light than they did when new)?


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I would go with the T-5's. They cost more but they put out more light, which can only be better for the plants.

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