Information on Southern pea varieties

oldpea(8)April 27, 2009

I have some Gray Speckled Palapye and White Whipporwill pea seed and would like to know more about the taste, growth habit and productivity of each.

It gets harder every year to decide which new pea to try. I usually just "go for it". So far, the only peas not to my liking are the ones that have a mushy, mashed potato-like texture, such as the Collossus crowder. Smiley faces galore for your help : )

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You cooked them wrong. Plant the ones you mentioned, and go for it.

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Dang, Adam, I didn't cook them too long. Mess with me and I'll plant Blackeyes ;>)

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White whipporwill is a topnotch southern pea with a relatively light colored broth when cooked. It is excellent served with cornbread and a bit of hot sauce.

On a scale of 1 to 10, it scores 9.5 which is about as good as it gets.


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Thanks and I'm stifling the urge to ask about the .5 ; )

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anney(Georgia 8)


It's that general male tendency not to wax COMPLETELY enthusiastic about any variety of Southern pea just in case a new variety is discovered that he can swear later is even better, designating the new one a 9.6. Experienced growers seem to have this hedging tendency more than neophytes, who are much more likely to make snap decisions.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Anney, you are so smart!


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anney(Georgia 8)


LOL! I hope it was obvious that was a joke with no smiley face.

For some reason, DarJones's post with that 9.5 rating really tickled me and oldpea's response just made it worse!

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

Can you guys guess what I found at the hardware store this past weekend? We were buying some construction material but as usual, I cannot hold myself from walking PAST the nursery. "No, I am not going to buy anything honey, I just want to look".....purple hull pink eye peas! right here in LA LA land! I already planted them (yes, I bought them first...LOL). Since I love black eye peas of any variety I cannot even begin to imagine something better tasting than...oh yes, the lady cream peas are delicious, but I figure they are kinda small, lots of work.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Imagine that! What luck!

Remember Rodger's advice in the other thread. Pick them for shellies when the pods are completely purple.


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woodsworm(7a NC)

has anyone tried Carolinas? big pink crowder peas, fairly new. I just bought some to plant and wonder what I got. Thanks

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Anyone know about the old pea that is call whipporwhill and the one called Gray Speckled Palapye. If you don't answer she won't plant and then I don't get peas. My fate is in your hands.

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Third answer addressed White Whippoorville. Never heard of Gray Speckled Palapye.

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I did find some information on the Gray Speckled Palapye.
Sounds good.
It's been to wet to plant anything.

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They both are oustanding peas and you can't go wrong with either. I have grown the grey palapye which looks very similar to a whipporwill pea but is much larger in size. There are several types of whipporwills all being a small light to dark tan pea with brown speckels like a whipporwill. They are excellent fresh shelled I don't care for them as a dry pea. The Grey Speckeled palapye is about twice the size of a whipporwill on the order of the Standard Black eye pea in size. so it doesn't take many to make a mess when shelling. they are a light greenish color with a dark eye when picked fresh then dry to the grey speckeled color. Both make a good broth. Why not plant a row of each? you can't go wrong. I would also say the grey palapye makes vines to 3ft so if planted 3ft apart they will grow together. Whipporwill will make vines about 30in so if 3ft aprt between rows they should leave a small path. Rodger

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Black eyes and pink eyes were the only kinds I could find locally. I've never grown Southern peas, so what should I expect with pink eyes? Will 1/2 lb be enough for one or two 50' rows? How big do the plants get? Sorry for all the questions, but as I said I've never grown any of these and my wife's grandparents are no longer around to ask! I can't wait to tell all my mid-western friends about growing these....they still give me grief for my okra!


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1/2# Is plenty fora50ft row make a furrow with your hoe then drop the seeds in every4-6in apart it doesnt have to be exact if two drop together thats fine. I have only grown the Botswana Black eye pea which is very good for a black eye needs to be trellised. The pink eye peas you will enjoy. they will grow to 30-36in spread pick when the pods turn purple. makes large easy shell peas a good choice for anyone new to southern peas. Rodger

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

My working hours recently have kept me off this board... haven't been able to enter the conversation. Can only be lurking while I'm working, so to speak.

I have come across a pea (or sub-type) for which little information is available. The variety is "Green Dixie", a pea with a brown eye & greenish color even when dry. The seeds are very large, and are similar to a large soybean in appearance. It is a vining variety. The SSE Yearbook lists several other varieties with similar descriptions. Could any of the Pea People give me more info on this?

The plants I observed were growing on Heritage Farm in Iowa (SSE's headquarters) and they were kind enough to allow me to take a few dry pods. Only time will tell if they will mature for me here; but then, SSE & I both start cowpeas as transplants. (Hey, don't laugh, guys, I'm pretty far North!) It has been a pleasant surprise for me that I can grow so many varieties here, just by starting them early... I'm really anxious to see how these look (and taste) as green shelled.

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Thanks roger. Just the information I needed.

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Zeedman I have a small seeded green pea with a eye non crowder type that I was told was a green dixie I can't remember where I got them from but I grew it last year but my guineas striped them clean before I had a chance to try any. I still have a handful of seed to try again this year.Rodger

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