Newbie ? which room to use?

wnlbutterfly(z5 KS)February 14, 2005

Newbie here......

I have a couple of options on where to set up to start my seed trays. At first I was thinking the garage (attached), currently no car inside, just storage, however, it's fairly nippy.

I also have a very nice storage shed, electric and concrete floor. Too cold.

However, if I am reading this forum correctly, I can set up lights and start these seeds with better success than I would just using window light. So that got me to thinking....what about the basement? We have a finished basement, and I have a craft room that has the central heating unit, so it stays consistant in temp, no drafts. I could easily set up a shelving unit with lights for the trays.

I would love for any of the seasoned gardeners out there to give me input on this...THANKS Laura in KS

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Vamptoo(7b/8a SC)


I think that your idea would work great. There are lots of people on this forum that have their light stands in the basement.

Let us know how things go.


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I set up a work table with flourescent lights in my basement, works great! The basement is cool but not too cold, seedlings actually grow best in cool conditions. For those that like heat to germinate, I bought a cheap heating mat that plugs in. I hung two long flourescent lights (any kind will do) on chains over the table so I can lift and lower them over the plants as needed. My table also has a shelf underneath, I hung two more shop lights under the table so I can have even more trays of seedlings there! The basement is great because it is also the laundry room and has a big laundry sink for water. I have to be careful not to get too much soil in the sink because the drain clogs. A garbage disposal in the laundry sink would be the answer for the soil problem, but when I have a lot of soil, like pots to wash, I do it in the kitchen sink upstairs which has a disposal and can better handle the soil.

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