Finding Fellner Hybrid Lilies

lindarenee(a5 Ohio)February 17, 2013

I want to try some of Fred Fellner's very hardy Hybrid Lilies. I only find them online at (Lily Ranch) and they will not ship outside Canada in the spring. Does anyone know of a source of these lilies in the States? Thanks, Linda

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Try 'The Lily Nook', another large canadian grower/seller, based in Manitoba. You may also try: 'B&D Lilies', 'The Lily Garden' and 'Faraway Flowers', all based in the US. All these have www. com sites. Keep in mind two things. One is that canadian sources tend to favor Fellner hybrids and the like because they are hardy there in the colder zones. The other is that these growers/sellers grow their stock on a 3 or 4 year crop rotation basis, so if you don't see the particular ones your looking for this year, don't be discouraged, it will show up in the future.

The source you mentioned, 'Plant Lilies.Com' is a good source as well and I believe they are in the process of building up (increasing) their field stock at this time. But I do believe they ship to the US in the Fall.

With all the sources I've discussed here, you can always Email them and ask them what Fellner hybrids they have in their growing schedule and when they might be available. They are very good at responding back.

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lindarenee(a5 Ohio)

Thank you for the information, it is appreciated! Sorry for the slow response, I did not see an email alerting me that my post had a response. I would love to have some of these lilies. Blessings, Linda

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