Anasazi Bean Confusion

remy_gwApril 15, 2010

Hi All,

Over on Idig, a poster asked if Anasazi beans were pole or bush. Someone posted a link that said they were bush, but I corrected them letting them know I have Anasazi pole. I most often see a bush variety offered, but there is also the more seemingly unusual pole version. I've only grown the pole, and it was a pole. The beans look the same as the bush variety as far as I can tell. The pole beans I've grown are very stringy so I assume quite an old variety. I do not know if the bush is a stringy.

Anyway does anyone know why there are 2 versions of this bean or any history? Oh and actually 3 versions some people were claiming to have grown a half-runner type.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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There's quite a story behind the Anasazi bean. I couldn't tell you if it's true, or if it's actually about your bean. Just do a search for "1500 year old cave bean".

I'm glad you brought up the subject of this bean. I was going to contact you about it. It was the one mystery in my package from the "all bean swap". Every listing I've seen says it's a bush type. All listings, except one, says it's a shelly or dry. This may explain for all of the stringiness.


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Hi Gary,
I'm glad you got a packet of them in the swap! I assume they would be for shelling since they are so stringy.
So I did a search of "1500 year old cave bean" and I didn't go really far, but I found a discussion about seed companies selling Jacob's Cattle which is a bush as Anasazi. Jacob's Cattle looks very similar to my beans. I wonder if this is true, and if so that would explain the confusion.
I also wondered about a very old variety being a bush type. I thought they, though sometimes fairly old, were a bit newer version of beans. I of course could be completely wrong.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forum Post about Anasazi

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I also received Jacob's Cattle in the swap. It is a larger bean than your Anasazi (pole). From what I've read, Jacob's Cattle is not the same bean as Anasazi (bush).


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Good to know.
Hopefully someone will come along some time with the pole/bush answer.

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I started 3 years ago with Anazasis in my garden - only had about 2 dozen beans. Replanted each year, and this year I'll have about a gallon of dried beans. The second year I had rows 3 feet apart, and the beans grew across the path and climbed all over each other. As a result, they never really dried well. I found that opening the pods when they are ripe, releasing the beans and letting them dry worked well. However, next year I'll give them trellises to get them off the ground and give the plants more air circulation. I've read that they sometimes climb to 5 feet.

They started ripening in late August, but there were still lots of blooms. I picked the ripe ones, and the plants were still blooming and producing nice beans in early October. Other beans seem to ripen all at once, so these are unusual that way.

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blueflint(z6a OH)

I have grown a bush type "Anasazi" bean that is a wonderful producer and I also have grown one called "1500 Year Old Bean" which looks very much like the Anasazi but is a pole bean. The 1500 Year Old Bean is a little larger but otherwise looks the same. Then there is the New Mexico Cave Bean...


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