I have an American Sweetheart - did you know who it's named after

josephines123 z5 ON CanadaJune 21, 2014

Yesterday I picked up a pretty hosta named American Sweetheart. I came home and researched a bit.... apparently it is one of the first intentionally induced polyploids. It boasts thicker substance, wider margins (2 1/2" vs 3/4"), and more intense foliage colours than Sea Thunder, it's mother plant. It is purported to also be a much better grower.

As I read further I found out that it was named in honour of Mildred Seaver, America's "Queen of hostas" who also was known as "Queen Bee". I'm happy to say I have at least three of her hostas so far. :-)
R.I.P. Mildred Seaver.

Thank you for looking and I would love to see yours if you have one, mature or otherwise.

Without further ado, I present American Sweetheart.


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Okay we have the same taste in hosta's I'm thinking! If only we were neighbors and could share divisions! :) Beautiful hosta. Love the moss, it will beautiful when it spreads and is in bloom! :) Keep the photo's coming! What's that sound you say? Its my debit card melting!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Wow! She is a beauty! I think I might NEED that one too!


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bragu_DSM 5

America Sweetheart also is the name of a VERY popular depression-era glass pattern. Pink is a very common, but expensive color, while monax [white] stuff is nice, but not as pretty, IMHO, and more difficult to see the pattern.

I have a fairly complete 8 pc set of it, with all the sherbets, plates and cups and saucers, but not all the glasses and tumblers â¦

It is only fitting to have a hosta by the same name.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Well, I'll be!! Show us a pic! Ahem....please?

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

That's nice to get some background on the name. Interesting. Here's mine from last week. It's a pretty one.

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I have mine planted next to "Marilyn Monroe". As a theme I guess....Actually it was completely by accident.

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Jim, planting Marilyn Monroe next to American Sweetheart is a Freudian thing. But understandable. I think she was adorable as Sugar in Some Like It Hot....one of my all-time favorite movies.

But.....back to hosta. I have American Sweetheart. It was a fall order bonus from Hallson in 2012. They described it as having a "low chill requirement, unknown parentage." I'm sure Chris chose it because of my climate....it does not need heavy duty dormancy to thrive. And that is turning out to be true.

I have it planted in a tub with Autumn Frost, Yellow Splash Rim, and 'Moon Shadow'. Pretty soon the four buddies have to be separated to give them each a chance to shine.

In May 2014

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

american .... is a name.. used by van wade.. on a vast many number of sports ... that are found in his garden...which used to be called something like:

American hosta and daylily..

but i cant find a fast reference to such ...

i doubt it has anything to do with depression ware ...

and i would bet a nickle.. the sweetheart part ... is some form of pun to let you know what it came from

just like he.. took what he called an improved form of Northern halo .. and called it something like American halo form number 37 sub b.. category III .. lol

one time.. he showed up at the hosta college.. with a TRUCK FULL OF CATALOGS.... they were like 300 pages of newsprint paper... it was like he was mic jagger for the weekend.. signing copies.... what a scene ....


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It's the survivors who get to write the history books. Hang in there, Ken. You have some great history to reveal.

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Right you are, Jo. Good backstory, indeed. May I also add a small amount of info so we may give credit to the person who introdced the plant....... 'American Sweetheart', introduced by Hans Hansen in 2002. This looks like a really nice hosta. Great pictures from everyone, too.

Don B.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Kate, if only...both our stock would increase immediately! Lol. Thanks, btw!:-). I had an itty bitty piece of moss in a 2" pot about three years ago which grew into at least an 18" round or more. I've been borrowing from it. All pieces are starting to set bloom - love the bright and cheery "carpet"!

Thank you, Linda! You know how it is...you can only sit on the sidelines for so long.....lol

Sandy, oh yes, pretty indeed! Lovely with the heuchera and astilbe colour combination.

Jim, I like the association in your planting :-). How old is your American Sweetheart?

Mocc, that Autumn Frost really makes the green shine and pop on your Sweetheart with such clarity! Very nice!

Ken - oh my, really? I'd rather see the real Mick - for the third time! ;-)
Mocc makes an interesting comment regarding the history. I've just passed the one year mark on this forum. During that time, you've revealed some interesting tidbits and stories such as this one....it's like you are our very own encyclopedia, but one with personality! as I've said before....a wealth of information.

Don, thank you for adding that which I inadvertently omitted! How good of you for providing such important information! :-)

I'm going to try and site this one where I can enjoy the yellow centre for as long as possible. I really, really like the shade of green in your pic, Mocc.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok.. had time to look it up..

i threw you a red herring.. and don sorta got it ..

it has nothing to do with van wade ... i think hans should NOT have used the american thing ... else it might confuse someone like me.. lol.. its all about me... BTW... there is a hosta called sweetheart ... but it does it have anything to do with this plant.. nooooooo... if i were registrar.. i might suggest the name was confusing ...

go to the library for AS.. hit the myhosta link... you see its a TC sport of sea thunder ... and it is named in honor of mildred seaver ...

well .. at least next time.. if you see the American tag.. something might make you think of van wade... and his series of said plants ...


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

go to the library for AS.. hit the myhosta link... you see its a TC sport of sea thunder ... and it is named in honor of mildred seaver ... Ken

>>> basically what I wrote in intro above....but thanks for re-iterating :-)

Hahaha re Van Wade - "story" - I happen to know who he is - and you'd be great around a campfire!

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