How soon can I move my Onions

bside27(z5 Worcester MA)February 19, 2006

I have started two varieties of sweet onions on 2/10. They have been under flourescent lights for about three days, and most of them are about two or three inches tall and have the seed casing stuck to the top. So my first question is.... Is it okay if the seed casing stays on the top? And my second question is..... When is the absolute soonest that I can move these to my sunny indoor front porch? I am planning to start my tomatoes in about ten days and I only have enough light for one, so I need to move the onions before my tomatoes germinate.

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maineman(z5a ME)


It's OK to leave the onion seed husk attached to the tip of the onion "leaf", or you can gently pull it off if you prefer. Sometimes I will place a drop of water on the seed to soften it so I can remove it easier. It actually doesn't matter because the very tip frequently dies anyway. And sometimes, if the onions grow too tall for your plant shelves, it is OK to snip off the ends of the leaves anyway. It's a little bit like trimming grass.

"When is the absolute soonest that I can move these to my sunny indoor front porch?"

Maybe now. How cool is it on your front porch? Onions like cool temperatures but freezing temperatures are not good for them. And the day length may not be long enough for them out on your front porch. I keep my onions under lights until they are well over a foot tall. I don't have a sunny porch or coldframe, so I transplant them from my plant stand directly into the garden a few weeks before Memorial Day. Memorial Day is our safe no-frost date.

There is a lot of good information about growing onions at the Dixondale Farms web site. As the saying goes, "they know their onions."


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