Sugar Snap Pea leaves drying up

mocheeApril 17, 2009

Hi everyone! I am new here and a relatively new "balcony" gardener :)

About 2 months ago (late February), I started sowing sugar snap peas inside the house. The yield was great, all of them turned into shoots. And I planted all of them into pots outside (4 peas per pot, about 8-inch pot). The weather has been more towards the cold side lately (no more than 75 degrees and sometimes dips to high 30s). The balcony gets a lot of afternoon sun.

My peas have been growing well until recently. Then, about 2 weeks ago, some of my peas started to have shriveled, dried leaves! I water them usually once a week, more if the soil is dry when I poke my finger into the soil. I planted the peas in Miracle Grow potting soil (with some food already in the soil).

I wondered if I may have over-watered them? But I just watered the peas two days ago and by this afternoon, the soil was so dry I added more water.

Please help, I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I read online that peas like water but others also have said not to overwater. I'm not sure if my peas are dying because of lack of water or overwatering. I wait until the soil is dry before watering.

I'm sorry I have no pictures, I can't seem to know how to post it here yet. If I can figure it out I'll add some later :)

Thank you so very much!

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anney(Georgia 8)

Did you harden them off before setting them in the sun? When did you move them outside and when did the leaves start to dry?

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The same thing is happening to mine; however, they are inside and have not/will not transplant. Any advise? THanks!

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