New light set up, cheap...ish

jjstatzFebruary 19, 2014

Wanted to post some info and images of my new set up light.

Materials and cost:

Lights: menards - Sylvania 32 Watt T8Cool white Fluorescent Bulb 12 Pack - 2550 lumens each, $25

Fixtures: menards - 2 light 48" shop lights, 9.99 each, 5 for 49.95

Plug strip, already had

Timer, black 24 hour - menards - 2.99

Rack - found at restaurant closing, they let me take it free!!!

Trays and cells from green house mega store

1020 Trays - Standard weight w/holes, 10 each $12.00

^did not mean to get with holes, will be going to wally-world to pick up no-hole trays. Eager much?

cells, Deep Inserts, 10/pack - #606, 6 cells/insert, 6 inserts/sheet $9.00

(I saw walmart has hex cells with a 1020 no hole tray and humidity dome for 2 dollars each... Kicking myself)

not pictured
10x20 hydrofarm heat mats - 2, found on amazon for about $22 each

Soil thermostat, hydrofarm - 1, amazon - $32

s hooks, $1 per package, 2

Grand total not including starter mix, seeds (oh god), tax, or replacement no hole 1020 trays - 154.94

I may buy 5 more fixtures and a beefed up plug strip, but I think I can get by with 2 1020 trays single-file as shown with one fixture over each. I'm a little worried about the 6-8 week seedlings I'll be starting soon getting leggy since they'll be under lights the longest.

The whole set up:

fancy chain lengthen-er... safetypins...

Timer and plug in strip

Some new babies under the lights

For those wondering...
Just came in today from wellspring, left to right

Colocasia Esculenta 'Black Coral'
Anthurium Tricolor
Colocasia 'Puckered Up'
Bird of Paradise - White Giant
Alocasia macrorrhiza - Borneo Giant Elephant Ear

(going to be a major pot-up)

For humidity on trays, since GHMS doesn't carry a humidity dome tall enough for the deep cells, i'll be using the ever so fancy plastic wrap and skewer method.

Since I only have two heat mats and one thermostat, I've sorted my seeds into heat groups and sub grouped by germination speed - they'll be started in batches grouped accordingly and then moved off the heat mats allowing the next group to go in to be started. The germinated batch will be moved up to a blank spot under (more) lights and plastic wrap removed.

For ventilation, the overpowered ceiling fan should keep things moving. The alo/colocasia's are swaying with it on, I think it'll be plenty for everything all told.

See any issues? Think this is enough light? Or should I go ahead and put in a 2nd set of fixtures?



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Nice multi level set up.

How much weight are those safety pins holding? That would worry me at night, personally =)

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hey man that's a great set up you got there what are you planning on planting ?

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Arent those stands great ?
I have a total of 5 in my workshop. one dedicated to plant starting, I'm not hanging my lights, just raise my trays as needed..I use the crock pot filled with water on low setting , close it all in at night, this is coming along great for me.

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Ooh I have to do this!

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nice! macgyverish low-cost/functional

could use string + slipknot as a sturdier chain-lengther, but mounting lights directly to the underside of the shelf and moving the shelves is a great suggestion

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I know I would never use string, or any material other than a substantial metallic item that would not come apart.
To use string, rope, or other degradable products would be an invitation to disaster.

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If you use the right string/rope it should be fine - it has the advantage of being easily adjustable
Rock climbers use rope after all.. and trust their lives with it

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Good news - the safety pins held up, never broke. The 2 tube t8 fixtures aren't that heavy.

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Failing a restaurant giving it away, where would be a good place to purchase such a shelving unit at a non-exorbitant cost?

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Sandiasingh(6B NM)

We have purchased a half dozen or so of these wire shelving racks from Alera. They are very well made and super easy to assemble. And not very expensive given the quality. Easy to move around. Highly recommended.

They look the same as jj's photo above.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Nice setup. Looks really cool and you did great on price. On this site there isn't too much regarding growing marijuana. I assume this kind of setup could be used for growing cannabis? If not could you point me somewhere as I am new? I don't see a reservoir so I am not sure if it would transfer. Thanks

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