Trouble getting Jeminez beans to sprout

tumble_weed(8a)April 2, 2009

I am getting poor germination for some reason. sowed 200 Jeminez beans in 2 inch net pots (indoors - one bean per pot, in coco coir with regulated bottom heat 80F) on March 23 and so far only 34 have sprouted. the beans were from a commercial supplier, packed for 2009.

have got good results with everything else (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cukes, sugar snaps). The supplier has a solid reputation so maybe I am doing something wrong. or possibly Jeminez beans are just hard to sprout for some reason.

this is my first time to try pole beans and so do not know what to expect. what is a reasonable number of days to wait for these beans to take off?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

10-14 days is about normal for germination, so you should be seeing better results by now, especially with bottom heat. Chances are that the seed is not the problem. I have also had trouble germinating beans in pots, if using a sterile soil-less mix (which is what I recommend for beans). Beans require a little N to trigger their best germination rate, something absent from most peat-based mixes.

You can overcome this problem by watering with a weak nitrate solution, of 1 teaspoon of liquid fertilizer (such as MG, or an organic solution rich in N) per gallon of water. Because beans are very prone to rot, I recommend using boiled water, to further reduce the chances. Use this solution only once; either for your initial soaking (best) or shortly thereafter.

You can try this with the beans you have already planted, and a few may still come up. But I suspect that quite a few have already begun to rot, so after another week, you might want to replace any which have failed.

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thank you, I have ordered another batch and will try your nitrate solution

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whgille(FL 9b)

I planted Jeminez beans direct sowing in the ground. They all sprouted.
First time trying these beans.

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