cookie8(zone 5 ON)February 24, 2005

Help, I came across warm lights, cool lights???? I bought a warm light today, can I use this alone? Do I really need a cool light with it or can I just use one or the other (meaning return the warm one for a cool one). I thought I had questions galore for the WS forum!!! Sorry, but this will be my first "real" attempt of sowing indoors.

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

The basic idea is to have a balance of Red and Blue light.

The 'cool white' tubes are bluish, especially seen side-by-side with 'warm white' tubes. Which by comparison themselves look pinkish.

You can start seedlings under 'warm white' tubes but they might be a bit confused by it.

On the other hand, lots of people start seedlings under cool white alone.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Seedlings will grow fine under just a warm white, at least for a while until they are ready to go outside. If you can get a cool white then that has a slightly better balance of light for plants. There are also bulbs labelled daylight, which are generally even a little better. Next up the price ladder are special funny coloured lights just for plants.

I would suggest that you don't spend loads of money on a bulb until you have a really really good idea of what you might be getting. Stick with the warm whites for now, and cool whites if you can get them.

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

I am probably better off just buying grow lights instead. I bought the flourescent warm ones where there is very little selection. I will head to HD to get better ones. Probably be better in the end, right??!!

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HD mostly carries CFL lights in the strongest wattage(42W) in a warm coloration. I've never seen any bulbs about 13W or 26W in cool or daylight color. I use them, just the same, and everything grows anf flowers for me. YMMV.


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Was in HD today and got 10 cool white 20watt T12's for $3.49. My fixtures only hold 24 inch. Thought that was a good deal. Jane

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Sam, the box stores tend to carry only the soft/warm white CFL bulbs for domestic use in typical 11W-20W powers. CFL bulbs do exist in all colour temperatures and a wide range of powers, but you might have to mail order. Don't be tempted to pay silly money, there are companies out there selling $5 6500K bulbs for $20 as special daylight bulbs for your health. 6500K bulbs with CRI above 80 tend to cost a few cents more and bulbs with CRI above 90 for colour-sensitive tasks can be quite expensive.

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I know this, I wqas just relating my experiences with hardware stores such as HD. I generally order from or, always in 6500K, alwqays stronger thqan 42W.

THat having been said, 42W bulbs are almost bright enough for one or two plants, and the coloration in a "warm" color doesn't seem to make a difference to the plants.


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