Neomerica (Walking Iris) and related sought

roseseekJuly 27, 2012

I grow Neomerica (white with blue uppers), Neomarica caerulea (large blue with variegated uppers) and Trimezia martinicensis (Neomarica longifolia) (yellow with variegated uppers). I have caerulea pups well rooted from last years bloom. I'm looking to trade for other types and similar relatives. I grow them in the San Fernando Valley in my native soil, with the same water the roses and hibiscus receive and all three of these are thriving.

A friend once had a large flowered yellow which resembled the caerulea plant more than the Trimezia type in both foliage color and size. He said the flowers were about the same color yellow as the longifolia, but were the size of caerulea. I wonder if anyone here has encountered anything like that or might either grow it and have it available for trade or know where to find it for sale? I'm finding these to be very easy garden subjects here and would like to collect more, different types. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kim

The caerulea I have a few potted, well rooted pups of to trade.

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Hi Kim!
I just started growing neomarica. It's all blue--the one that Annie's is selling, which I think is neomarica caerulea. Alas, it's much too little to do anything but survive yet, and in any event, it sounds like this is indeed the one you have most of to trade.
I wish I or someone else on this board could be of more help to you--you've been of so much help to me and to others on the Roses forum, it would be the least we could do to repay your kindness and generosity.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Not many people grow this plant.

I'll ask over on Facebook for you.

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How lovely, thank you, Kay! I appreciate it! Yes, ma'am, that is the same one. You will find it rather easy to propagate. You don't have to wait until they form new plantlets themselves. I allow them to get to a decent size, about four inches long, then gently separate them from the stems and push them into pots of potting soil which I keep in filtered light and keep damp until they begin to show growth. It's pretty amazing how quickly they will begin growing by themselves! I want to put as many clumps of them around the yard as possible so when something happens to one, there are others to fall back on. So far, it appears the Trimezia is as easy to get going from its off shoots. This blue one gets quite tall, three to four feet. Some of the pups I started this year are already nearly that large.

Almost Eden in Louisiana is where I bought my blue one. They currently list the Trimezia and blue and white Apostle Plant. Use their search and type in walking iris. Their plants have been wonderful, prices decent and service is outstanding. I've bought several things from them and Jeff and the rest of the crew have always come through perfectly. He's been great answering questions and letting me know when something I wanted comes back into stock, too. I've been completely satisfied with their service, plants and help. You should give them a try. Thanks for responding! I'll see you on the Rose Forums! Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Almost Eden

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Thank you, Renee! I appreciate it. Kim

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