Lake Ontario Hosta

eclecticcottage(6b wny)June 4, 2012

Does anyone have one? They seem to be an older variety and not exceptionally popular. However, since our house (the Cottage) is directly on the shore of Lake Ontario, I want one, even if it's a boring plain jane! The only photos I've seen, it looks rather like a NOID I have (well, I had three, and I had to split them and now I have many) that was here when we bought the Cottage. Just looking for experiances with it, pics, whatever. I'm just psyched that there's a hosta with that name!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

tsk tsk.. shopping at the library again .. lol

you have 2 options.. starting at the library ...

first pic at the library is jim schwarz... forgive me on the spelling.. one of the links at the top of the library homepage .. is jims hosta.. go figure.. its the same jim

at the library on the LO page .. hit the my hosta link at the very top of the pix.. and see its a ran lydell hosta.. and he has a nursery near buffalo .. google his name and add nursery.. and hosta.. and you ought to find him



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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Lol...I found him via the WNY hosta society and shot him an email. I can't find an active website for Eagle Bay Gardens :(

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Or look in the publication 'Hosta Finder' by Steve Greene, though I've wasted too many hours calling the purported vendors found there who were supposed to be carrying such-and-such a plant only to run into voice-mail systems that never called back, and many who did that did no longer carry the cultivar.

It IS, though, a source... and with no competitor in sight.


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While Jim's doesn't list Lake Ontario, it does list the other Great Lakes. He might have an OS which he'd be willing to part with.

You might post a picture of the one you have as a NOID, and given the expertise of folks on here, they can make a pretty good case for identifying your NOID.

However, I see another option for you.
Those NOIDS that you have around the property might be the LO itself, it might figure that a previous owner had the same idea you did, and got some of the plants. Mature hosta do not always look the same as the youngsters frequently shown in pictures, cannot say about the HL photos of this particular hosta.

What I propose is that you ADOPT the hosta you have AS a LO, and dub it LO, and for heaven sake I do not think anyone in the entire region would have a clue that is was not. Adopt it into your EclecticCottage LO family, and voila, it becomes LO.

Must say, I admire giving homes/houses names. My first house I named MoccasinLanding, on a bayou here in Mobile. Now my new stucco cottage is named White Dove ---and I recently acquired several Hosta 'White Dove'-- I almost settled for H. 'Mourning Dove' but it was not what I wanted.

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

I work on Lake Ontario, and travel the daily as a realtor. I have been looking for this plant, but so far no luck. I have a nice collection of hostas so would like to add this one if I can locate it.

We are going to a hosta near Buffalo in August so I am hoping to find one there.

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Sometimes folks just like to have a "complete set" of something. So if a place sells the other Great Lake series, (I have Erie Magic) they might sell the LO. Wish you success. I bought many of my hosta because I loved the name for one reason or another.

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