buds turned brown, never flowered

terriebariJuly 26, 2008


I have several irises in my garden. Some have never bloomed, others are absolutely stunning.

This year, I had one that got really big and healthy-looking, and grew two buds. The buds turned brown and I never got flowers, just dead looking brown tips. I did not overwater- in fact, there is another iris right next to it which gave me about 6 gorgous, gigantic blooms.

Now that some time has passed, the once healthy looking stem and leaves for the plant that never bloomed is starting to look kind of yuck.y The leaves are brown in some spots, and it's droopy.

Should I cut the fan back, and hope for the best for next year? What else should I do/not do?


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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

Are they brown and mushy, or just dried and brown. Brown and mushy usually means rot. I had a couple of Iris buds not bloom because there were some unusual cold spells in late April / early May this year that killed the forming bud.


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honestly, I'm not sure. I don't think they were mushy initially, but I didn't touch them so can only go by what I think I saw.

Right now, some of the greenery is droopy and some turned yellow. will trimming it back hurt it?


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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

Drooping leaves is usually associated with overcrowding. How long ago did you plant them? Iris need to be divided every 3 to 5 years. As far as trimming, I usually just trim leaves that are unhealthy or simply pull them off, provided the leaf is next on the base of the rhizome.


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My entire garden is new. I believe I planted year before last

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