Can I plant now???

leonessa(Z5 ME)March 1, 2006

Hi...I stopped at Home Depot the other day and found the most amazing selection of bulbs, riozomes, and tubers!!! I bought 3 differant types of oriental lilies. I was wondering if I can pot them up, and set them in my unheated greenhouse. It's COLD here right now. REALLY COLD, but the weather's been CRAZY. 2-3 weeks ago we had 50 degree days, and the GH's auto vents were open. I'm winter sowing in the greenhouse, and all of the pots are frozen solid in there right now. Would it hurt the bulbs to freeze at this point? I would appreciate any help that anyone can give.


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Your lilies will probably be the most forgiving of all the summer bulbs they've put out right now because they are winter hardy and require a chill before they put forth growth and bloom.

Lilies purchased in spring have been specially stored, frozen in peat, prior to packing and distribution so they've already been chilled and are prepared to go in the garden as long as you can work the soil. If the ground is still frozen you have two options:

1) Keep the lilies in their bag with the packing media around them such as peat moss or wood shavings (poke holes in the bags to allow air circulation) and store in a cold dark place such as the garage or area that won't freeze solid, then thaw, and freeze again. Once they start sprouting, then you have to go to #2 below...

2) Pot them up in a container (small pots work fine if you plan to move them out into the garden when the soil thaws) and keep in a area that won't have the freezing and thawing action mentioned above. If they freeze, keep them frozen by covering them with something (blankets work for me) and as spring arrives, they'll gradually thaw unharmed and are ready to grow for you!!

I hope this helps!

good luck

I'm surprised that your greenhouse potted plants are frozen!



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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

I did the same thing because of getting Home Depot giftcards for my birthday. I'm glad I saw this because I've never planted Lilies before & was wondering the same thing. Hahaha, thanks! Shannon

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