AHS convention acquisitions ...

bragu_DSM 5June 15, 2014

... will post pix later (after my camera charges)

- H. T. Rex
- H. Blue Tooth (big blue w/ emphasis on veins: from Solberg)
- H. Plum Pudding (w red pets: from Solberg)
- H. October Sky (from Naylor)
- H. Devon Green (from Naylor)

Zilis' new field book signed by author (no pix of this)


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ThistleAndMaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

Very nice, I looked at the plum puddings too at AHS. I ended up buying Victory, Minnestoa Wild, Prairie Moon (all from Naylor), and Irish Luck from another vendor I can't remember their name. I also got one if Nancy's big concrete casts of a hosta leaf. I'm going to add some extra concrete sealer to the back before displaying in the yard.

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Thistle, did not know Nancy Solberg did the concrete hosta leaves. What a great 2nd line for her. That is something I'd like to try when I get a leaf big enough to be impressive.

Can you tell which hosta the leaf is patterned from?
Is it plain or dyed a color?

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Nancy's concrete "Garden Art" is her Facebook page you should like. Nancy McWherter is the artist

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Ahhh, finally home. Of course, the first thing I did was check the hostas, and the second was start watering. My son unloaded the car - Good son!

The convention plant, Czech it Out, is kind of puny and will need some babying. Loved the alternate, a tetraploid version of Orange Marmalade called Smash Hit, but that was only given to people attending as a pair.

Saw so many hotas I wanted, but there were already 20 hostas waiting to be planted at home, and some are giants.

I got Double D Cup, Olive Branch, and Ghostmaster from Rob Mortko (Made in the Shade). He was kind enough to bring Double D and OB just for me and hold them until late Friday so they didn't have to sit in a hot car during the bus tour. PIcked up Seducer and Pocket Full of Sunshine at Dry Creek Hostas, one of the tour gardens. They had nice big plants, will have to add them to my list of places to visit while in Iowa. Bought Golden Needles and Church Mouse from Land of the Giants (I think), Neptune, Royal Tiara and Emerald Charger from In the Country, and Power Keg from Naylor's.

Also got the Hostapedia and the Field Guide from Mark Zillis. They're very interesting. My mother lives just north of Cedar Rapids, and I spent Sunday and Monday with her. Stopped at In the Country as well. I finally had to put the books in the car, couldn't stop looking at them.

Last but not least, I won a wonderful collection of gardening tools in the hat contest.

Had a great time, but very glad to be home. The garden is dry and full of weeds, lots to do. Photos will take a while to edit and post.

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ThistleAndMaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

Nancy's leaves were painted and some were acid stained and then sealed. I got an acid stained one - a blue color with some brown in the creases. I'm going to give it another coat of concrete sealer before I put it outside.
Here's a picture of it during vendor set up and right before I bought it.
I'm not sure which kind of hosta it came off of.

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hostatakeover z6a swMO

ThistleandMaize, does Nancy have a webpage other than FB? Many of us don't have FB accounts. What are the prices of those HUGE ones? I'm wondering if she brings many of those, or just a couple to the conventions?

They're so beautiful!

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ThistleAndMaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

It doesn't look like she has a website other than Facebook unfortunately.
She was reasonably priced, I thought. The big hosta leaf I bought was only $35. The big squash leaf behind it was under $50. I think the most expensive thing I saw were huge long banana leaves, but still reasonable.

You should be able to view the FB page even bit logged in since it's a public page. Ger contact information and photos are there. I hope you're bake to connect with her. She's very nice and talented.

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I'd love to see the banana leaves because they can be huge. However, who has room for something so large, unless it is hanging on the wall!

That blue leaf is beautiful. Remember also to check out Little And Lewis website which made huge leaves and fountains and wall art. I bought one of their smallish white doves, which I'll eventually hang on my Teahouse exterior. My cottage is named White Dove......but the dove has some green tones in it....maybe I need to do a picture,,,,

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hostatakeover z6a swMO

Thanks TAM. I visited her FB page and those banana leaves ARE huge! Looks like Jeff Miller from LOTG holding one up.

Now that I'm looking closer, though, they don't appear to be gorgeous stepping stones as I originally thought, but gorgeous garden art only. Really, really beautiful. Goodness.

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