Aphids in lettuce growing under lights

CaraRoseFebruary 8, 2014

I swear, aphids are capable of spontaneous generation.

I've some loose leaf lettuce growing in my basement under lights, and I've been battling an aphid infestation. I've been spot spraying with insecticidal soap when I see them, but finally up rooted each of the lettuce plants, wrapped the root ball in a paper towel, and washed them off under the faucet, and replanted them. Still seeing them, but better under control. I did pot them back into the same windowbox I had them in, and I'm wondering if I should have dumped the potting mix and sanitized the pot and started with fresh mix?

Not sure where they came from, but I do have some outdoor plants overwintering as well on my light shelf, I'm wondering if they may have come in with them. Argh. I hate these buggers.

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Nothing kills them on living plants. The soap and neem oil only helps a little. Once infested it's best to rid the plant so it doesn't ruin the others.

Perhaps bake your soil in the oven before planting anything to kill the bugs and eggs. Wrap aluminum foil around large mulch pieces and have that on top of containers around the plant... they are discouraged by this.

Learn plant combos.... basil and mint planted with tomatoes discourages them. You just have to be careful and look into if mint planted too closely to some other type of veggie harms it.

They don't like cat nip... you can plant that in a separate pot and have it near... some flowers they hate.

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BTW... you must clean containers before planting. I soak ALL of my used ones in 1 part bleach to 10 parts water then I clean them with dish washing soap. Some people use vinegar. And for sure clean them if you've had in infestation even if you just planted the soil that day then noticed it.

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