Reading a spectral power distribution graph.

gnbrewsFebruary 9, 2009

I'm doing my own technical research into the relative efficiencies of LED vs. fluorescent bulb technology. I've found a data sheet from Sylvania that details the spectral power distribution, but I'm at a loss as to how to interpret the data presented.

For example, looking at the graph for the regular warm white bulb, I approximate that at both 450nm and 660nm, the data is .0033. Say I have a T8 bulb, with an average of 3000lumens with a power input of 40W. Does that data allow me to calculate the number of watts utilized (of the 40W input) to emit spectral lines at each wavelength?

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On my computer, I can't see the lines on the graphs in this PDF.

In any event, fluorescents are not really suitable beyond the seedling/cutting stage or as supplemental lights. Perhaps LED are more efficient per watt (compared to fluorescents); but that is not saying much.

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