Lily of the valley -posionous to children?

sdarntonMarch 18, 2007

I wonder if someone can help me. Im not a very experienced gardener to say the least! We have a rather large bed of Lily of the valley in garden. It is gorgeous and I would rather not get rid of it. However, I have a nosey toddler and have been warned that they are posionous. Can someone tell me how posionous they are, is it just the flowers? Should we remove them? Thanks for any help!

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Yes, they are toxic but then so are hundreds of other very common garden plants, including parts of a good many vegetables many folks grow. In fact, the list of plants that may be toxic to some degree far exceeds those plants which have no toxicity.

How you choose to approach this issue is certainly up to you but we would all have very boring and rather stark gardens if all potentially dangerous plants were removed. Actual incidents of accidental poisonings by kids eating inappropriate plants is much lower than you would expect and I'm sure many of us can report many years of gardening with kids in gardens full of stuff they should not be eating without any problems. Kids can be trained - and rather easily, I might add - to not put plants or plant parts in their mouths that mom or dad has not approved first. Flowers or leaves are typically not going to be a problem but you may want to avoid things that produce berries or interesting seed pods - these seem to attract kids far faster than just the flowery parts :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: toxic plant listing

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