Zone 5 - Asiatic Lilies - late?

newtogardening99March 29, 2010

Did any of your asiatic lilies spurt up from the ground? Mine haven't and I'd like to plant something else in their spot if they are not coming back up this year..any thoughts/ideas on when they might show up??

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I haven't seen most of mine yet. It's a little early.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm zone 6 & have been seeing some of my Asiatics start to come up the last week or so, not all of them are up yet though.

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mooseling(Z5 CO)

Mine haven't come up yet either. I haven't checked since last week due to snow, but it still feels too early for them.

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Thanks for the responses!!

Update: I spotted a few that finally decided to break ground. I had to look really close to find them but they are there..phew! I was worried for a bit there :)!

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