So many irises!

Rosemarie10July 21, 2014

Last year I tried to thin out the irises in my front garden, I was careful to dig up the entire tuber? or bulb? and roots, and some of the green stems, and the transplanted them. Some of them came up this year, but others didn't .
Is there a better way for me to do it? I get a pretty good # of flowers every year! but the greens kind of look crowded. What time of year is best to do it? ( by the way, I live in the Hudson Valley, NY)

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Regarding the ones that didn't come up --- dig them out and see if they are mushy. If so trash, don't compost.

Sounds like you did a good job. And a job it is! Did you break pieces apart? And then let them "scar" overnight in a dry shaded spot? Soil borne disease can infect a fresh cut.

Beardeds may be divided right after bloom up until 6 weeks before your first frost. I prefer right after bloom in my zone (we're not as hot then as we are in late summer). I also flood the bed after replanting and then no water for a month or until the upper 4 inches or so of soil dries out.

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i did try to break them apart, and then let them "dry" in my garage over night.

I guess I will try it again this year. Thanks for the encouragement!
It is hot here now, so I think I will try to wait for a cooler day!

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