Newbie Question: falls leaves?

stacette(7b)March 7, 2006

I planted tons of lilies early in the spring this will be their second year in the ground and late in the fall they started to grow some foliage out of the ground (not on old flower stems) and the cold weather took these leaves. Are they dead? Will they come back? Do I need to be patient? I have many that did not do this and they are visible and apparently very happy... I am hoping my martagons come up this year too they never grew at all last year. I assumed that the vole/mole got them.

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It may be that what you are seeing are leaves thrown up by stem bulbils/bulblets - these quite often produce a few leaves their first autumn if conditions are favourable, sometimes whilst still attached to the parent stem. Provided they weren't frozen solid I doubt that they'll come to permanent harm.

Alternatively, if your growing season was quite long sometimes mature bulbs will send up a second stem - especially if a hot summer is followed by a long cool, moist autumn. This happens fairly regularly for me with martagons.

It also seems to be true that some western american lilies will produce a basal rosette of leaves come autumn, as though they are trying to imitate the madonna lily.

I wouldn't be too worried about losing leaves (or even the odd stem) to frost in this way unless it happens every year.

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

The baby bulbs near the surface don't seem to be harmed by our zone 5 winters, when they are certainly frozen solid. The foliage dies, but then they grow again in the spring. I've always been amazed by the antifreeze that must be in lily bulbs.


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