Newbie Grow Light Set-up

schwartzrockMarch 8, 2013

Hey All!
Threw this together with $29.99 Ikea shelves. Two units joined into one measures 62" x 24". Two MaxLume 4' 4 bulb T-5's. A couple packs of plant pulleys, a couple 2' x 4' white marker boards, a power strip and a timer. I might tighten up and add another shelf and light. For now, just starting out with some Marigolds, Gazinias, Coleus, some Peppers and Lettuces.
I really like the wood and the openness for air, the storage above and below, and the comfort of 62" instead of standard 48". The pulleys was the best move, and the marker board is easy to clean.
Thanks to all out there for all your ideas. From your posts I took bits and pieces and made my plan. Really looking forward to filling it with Tomatoes soon............

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This is what I did when I was living in an apartment. No pulleys though but a great idea to be able to adjust. We painted the posts and the shelves so that they somewhat look presentable in a living room. Your setup looks great.

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You have given such a wonderful grow light set up with price. I have seen that many people give different ideas to grow their plants. Nice to see here for getting awesome information.

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