Amateur with questions about true Tiger Lilies

mer1978March 26, 2007

We need to move a flower bed (all of which was planted before I bought my house) within the next week. I know there are Tiger Lilies in this bed. Most of my plants are starting to pop out of the ground, and I need to know how to identify my Tigers so I can move them. A couple weeks back, I dug up what I thought might be the Tiger bulbs, but they have grown into 3 to 4 separate leaves - they don't all come off of a stem like I know the Tigers do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!??

Thanks ahead of time!


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Immature Tiger lily bulbs will throw individual leaves, each coming directly from the top of the scales which form the bulb. Providing the bulbs resemble those shown on the attached link, they are lilies (I guess whether they're Tigers or not will depend on what else you're growing!).

If the ones you found were fairly shallow, I'd go back and dig a little deeper to try and locate the larger bulbs. Dig cautiously, so as to be careful not to slice them, and don't leave the clumps out of the ground too long before you replant.

Here is a link that might be useful: NALS Propagating Lilies page

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Sometimes it's really hard to tell at this stage of the year because of spreading babies , except that my tigers don't clump as tightly as some other varieties and have bigger wider leaves than others.

But hey I love mixed colors !!!!!!!

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

you may try potting what you remove from the bed in pots(even a paper bag will work..sprayed with cooking spray) then if its not grown enough to show you...then you'll know& gives you time before replanting.just have them in the shade and keep moist.I use to grow some true tiger lillys.i moved without them.And then when traded for some...we're not what I had before....but still like.Just liked them true tigers better.Good luck.If any bulbils from last year had might lose those,unless they have formed more.

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