Optimal LED lights for Spinach and Strawberries

RichardU(7)March 4, 2013

I am interested in using LED lights for 30-40 square feet of Spinach and Strawberries. I understand that LEDs don't have much throw, so I will need multiple fixtures for that many plants. I would love to know what people think would be the optimal design. This is for an area that gets almost no natural light.

Thanks, Richard

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Dont wanna put you off, nut unless you got practical experiences with LEDs, theyre not what you think...as you mentionned, light penetration is very weak, and leds are not as efficient as manufacturers claim, barely reaching the 50 lumen per watt mark.

Youd be much better off with metal halide or hps, the lumen per watt ratio is much better and so is light penetration. And the lights are much cheaper....bonus if you can find who the cops sell equipement seized from marijuana growers....i have a place that sells me 1000w hps magnetic ballasts for 60$ and sylvania brand new bulbs cost around 35$...thats some serious power for 95$...

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I am going to use my 6 Hydro Grow LED 50W Penetrators and then depending on the flowering those lights produce I may switch our to 126W Penetrators. I think you should go with 100W LED light which help to you a lot.

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