Repurposed fluorescent fixture questions

derevaun(WA zone 4 / 7b)March 16, 2006

I replaced the crappy 4x48" FL fixture in my kitchen with some recessed cans and want to reassemble the ballasts and holders into a basic plant light. It's got two ballasts, each is labeled as rated for two F40 T12 RS bulbs.

I don't have room for 48" of trays & lights, so I want to use 36" tubes for 2 separate fixtures. I've found only R30 30W tubes--will they match the ballasts well enough?

Can I just mount the T12 holders and the ballast on 2x4 lumber? I wouldn't want to stunt the seedlings' growth by having the house burn down around them :-)

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I'll take a guess that your ballasts won't work as expected on a shorter tube. Zink will know for sure.

My advice, as it usually is, is to discard crappy old fixtures and get something designed within the last five years. You'll get more light, save a bundle on your utility bill, and your plants will thank you. When you start looking for something shorter than 48", look at compact fluorescents.

You can mount your components on anything you want, the temperature of any individual piece shouldn't be hot enough to harm wood unless you start overdriving. As an extra safety step, prevent any components from actually touching the wood with suitable spacers or mounting blocks.

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