starting candy lily seeds? help!

dancingmoonsMarch 2, 2006

I have some Candy lily seeds, ..can i start these indoors now? do i just plant them outside when it gets warm enough?

Any help would be great!!



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leftwood(z4a MN)

You can start them inside if you want and have adequate light, but they do grow fast, so there is no need. Vigorous seedlings may even bloom the first season (even here in zone 4). Seeds need light to germinate.

BTW, Candy lilies(xPardancanda norrisii) are not lilies at all. They are members of the iris clan. The rhizomes they produce are planted at surface level, rather than underground.

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Yes, leftwood is right they are not lillium.
I tried half my seeds as a wintersown and half as a spring sown. I had excellent and equal results with germination (outside) So save your potting soil and just plant them out in the spring. Of the 60 that grew only two bloomed the first year in zone 5
A very small and fleeting bloom at that....

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mskee(z6 MA)

Hi everyone,
I just found this thread while doing a search on Candy Lily.
I planted some seeds, under lights, about a month ago, and there is still no sign of germination. Should I start another batch, or be more patient?
BTW, growing temps in the seed growing room are currently in the 50's most of the time.
Thanks for any insight!

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i'm starting candy lily from seed but i'm in zone 4. I want to incorperate the mature plants in one of my beds.
Has anyone had good luck with them in zone 4?

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Yep! They are very hardy in my zone 4 mostly sun, sandy loam soil.
When I started my seeds early indoors- I prechilled them for a few weeks in the fridge- and then started them with a little bottom heat. They all sprouted in very short order. Others who had started the same seeds with out pre chilling them had a much slower and erratic start to germination. Out of the MANY seeds I started- about 80% all bloomed the first year- interesting that all of those that bloomed the first year were the yellow/orange ones with dots- It took another year for those of other colors (pinks, clear and dotted- reddish- purple-ish- plain clear yellow- and terra cotta) to bloom. And when they did bloom- it was later than the yellow/orange dotted majority.
It makes me wonder if there is a science to that- or just the way the ball bounced.....

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I got mine growing but they don't have the sword like leaves yet. When do they develop into propter adult leaves?

I sprouted mine in the fridge too.

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