Daylight saving time for your plants?

nhardy(5b)March 12, 2012

I have to ask. Did you reset your plant timer to daylight saving time?

I have to be honest, I never set my timer to the correct time of day. Our power company does not give a discount to run the lights in the evening so it just does not matter when my plant lights are on for 16 hours.

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No, Natural sunlight still shines the same length of time (obviously more as you get closer to summer). My timers are still set for the same length.

Springing forward is nice if you like to get up early and ahead of the sunrise. I like it for example cause I like to water outside around dawn. Getting up at 6 now means no sun for an hour or so. Good for lawns so they can absorb the water before evaporation.

It's funny how people think days are "longer" cause we sprang forward.

sorry for my rambling

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I am running during cheap periods as I am on time of use pricing. I did reset the clock to compensate. Didn't affect plants. For day neutral plants, putting them outside after running all night, didn't seem to affect them at all. I think they adjust just fine.

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