Help with Snap Peas

PepperGuy222(5)May 21, 2013


I built a garden in a day thats I dug about 3 feet deep, 5 feet wide, 10 ft long. I went to the store and bought some little vegetable plants because were too far into the season to plant by seed.

All in all, my plants are doing really well except for my peas, theyve become really flaccid but when I bought them they were standing straight up. Theyve simply fallen to the ground and look sickly. Ive done this before so I cant imagine I screwed up a transplant especially when all others are doing better than perfect.

Any advice? I dont know what to do, this is the first time growing peas however, any special treatment? Please let me know!


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Did you water them before you turned them out of their pots? And did you give them a massive drink after they were planted? And have you supplied them with some support so they can climb?

A picture would help us make further suggestions.

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Heres the pic. I have little ladders for my peas, and mind you, the garden is VERY deep with new soil and plant food/fert. What can be happening to my peas???? Ill send a closer pic after work. The peas are in the back.

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Quick insert. This garden has the same problem and the pic was readily available, practically identical.

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Sometimes you have to help the pea tendrils find the fence if they are planted too far from the fence - gently lean them against the support so they will climb on their own. I've never tried to transplant peas as they are supposed to be hard to transplant. Once the peas get going, they are usually hard to stop as long as it doesn't get too hot for them. Or too dry.

Mine are nearly finished for the season in middle Georgia. This year was much colder than normal, usually I would have had to pull them up in April!

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Peas don't transplant very well. Direct seed in the spring when the soil temp at two inches is 60 degrees F or more around noon. Many snap pea varieties are weak starters so don't plant in cold soil. Do not work or plant if the soil is too wet.

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