peanut plants fertilization?

fuzzy158(7)May 29, 2008

Hello all,

I am growing peanuts this year for the first time. The plants are now 3-4" tall. When should I fertilize? I have scoured the internet, and have found all kinds of peanut growing info, but nothing about when to fertilize. They were planted in my clay soil, enriched with compost, lime, and sand. I have been thinking about giving them some compost tea, but would like some info from someone who has grown them before.

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They have about the same fertility requirements as common beans, just ahve a much longer maturity date. They don't like clay, so that may be your greater problem. But typically in a heavier soil, fertilizer incorporated in the planting bed is sufficient. In sandy soils, a side dressing is usful just before they start to bloom, some thing light in N and heavy in phoshate.

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