Lotus tetragonolobus winged pea question

happyday(WI4a)May 31, 2008

I bought this from SSE, kinda wish I hadn't now. Looks like I might not even get pods as SSE does not mention if it is daylight neutral. Should I plant this in a hill, or row, or try to train it up a trellis? Anyone ever grow this?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Yes, I have grown it. It is a low, ground-hugging plant with small, bright red flowers. I grew it one year, as a Summer crop... it did not take heat well. The plants languished all Summer; but with the cooler days of early Fall, they began growing vigorously. There was no evidence of photo-period sensitivity (as there is with its relative, Winged Bean), but they do seem to prefer cool weather.

Rabbits really liked the foliage, they ate quite a bit of it, and would probably have eaten all of it, had they not been interplanted with marigolds. The plants sprang back quickly, but the pod set was disappointingly small. I did not find the pods appealing as a vegetable; they were bland, and developed fiber very quickly. They were inedible if over 1" long.

Personally, I think the best use of the plant is as an ornamental ground cover, due to its bright red flowers.

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Thanks Zeedman. I think I wasted my 2.75 on this one. Guess I'll put squash in that hill after all, and put this in when space opens up in the radish bed...if I grow it at all.

PS I still want to try Birds Egg #3 this year, will send you a SASE if thats ok. The Ma Williams was fantastic!!!

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