Advise on Planting time for my calla lilys

GreenThumbOhioMarch 15, 2012

Howdy everyone HAPPY early spring.

Im requesting information reguarding advise on times for planting my calla lily bulbs. On the back of the package it sayes that I am in zone 2 however this site sayes that I am in zone 6 (sheesh).

The state of Ohio has had abnormaly warmer weather than usual And i would like to get these bulbs in the ground. Id like advise as to when i should plant them (cleveland ohio area), and if i were to plant them and by chance we get a freak snow squall (where snow does not stick to the ground) will it effect the bulbs or if the temp. were to go below freezing at night for a day or so ( but ofer freezing durring the day). Any and all advise would be very helpfull - but please know what your talking about LOL... Thanks all and happy planting....

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Soil temperatures are going to be the overriding factor. Callas are a summer flowering bulb in your area and will only start producing growth when soil temps (and indirectly, air temps) are sufficiently warm.

You may want to use this advice from the Pacific Calla website: In other areas (zones lower than 8-10), they can be planted when temperatures rest higher than 55 degrees F (below 55 degrees, calla lilies stop growing). Just make sure that there is no danger of frost or of temperatures dropping below 55 degrees in the first 12 weeks after planting.

They are not going to be inground winter hardy for you, so plan accordingly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Callas

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Forgot to add that despite despite the name calla "lily", these plants/bulbs are not lilies at all but members of the aroid family, which includes plants like skunk cabbage, anthuriums, elephant ears and a bunch of different houseplants.

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