Advice on Zantedeschia (Arum Lily & Trumpet Lily)

norderneyMarch 21, 2008

I have bought the following varieties of Zantedeschia - Black Pearl (Trumpet Lily), Arum Lily aethiopica Green Goddess and Arum Lily aethiopica Crowborough -

I am going to be planting them in our south facing Back Garden in Southampton, Hampshire, England. I have been reading that they like a lot of water. Unfortunately I do not have a pond or stream in our garden.

How much water do thse plants REALLY need?

Will watering them every evening be ok?

Are they ok to be planted in full sun or do they really need a bit of shade?

I have read that they are slightly frost hardy. As I live in Southampton on the South Coast of England, do you think they will be ok to be left in the ground through out the winter? I have read that it is recommended to mulch plants well in winter, What does this involve?

I have read various articles about them on various web sites and I am getting a lot of conflicting information!!!!!!

Thanks for your assistance.

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First, callas (Zantedeschia species) are not lilies at all but aroids - another of the dozens of plants commonly referred to as "lilies" but with no connection to the Liliaceae.

Z. aethiopica cultivars are usually rated as hardy to USDA zone 8, -15C or very slightly lower (increased hardiness once well established). They grow easily in the ground in my climate although the foliage melts into a nasty, slimy pile with the first hard frost. They can be grown anywhere in the garden that receives normal watering - they just dislike drying out. Full sun works but might require more frequent watering - they also grow well in part shade. Slightly acidic soil with a high organic content and good drainage is recommended.

'Black Pearl' and other strongly colored forms are hybrids and have much less hardiness than does Z. aethiopica. These are sold as flowering annuals or tender summer flowering bulbs in my area and do require winter protection. Many folks here grow them in containers that can be easily moved inside or some protected area for winter storage.

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