Trellis for Bush Varieties (peas and beans)?

UncleJohn(z4 NH)May 3, 2007

I am growing three varieties of peas this year, all are short-vine varieties (Sugar Ann, Sugar Sprint, and Snow Green) listed as not needing support. I recently read something to the effect that bush peas can benefit from support, even though they do not *need* it: they will produce more and better, and harvesting is easier. There was no mention as to how much, or what type of support was recommended. Would a 30" vertical trellis be enough? Would a pair of oppsing incline trellises for each row be better? Any other recommendations for supporting bush-type peas (or for just letting them lay)?

Similarly, last year I grew several types of bush beans. When I noticed that my (supposedly bush) Topaz Pinto beans were sending out runners, I erected a trellis for them and they seemed to benefit from it. Provider and Red Kidney dis not need support. I am growing many new varieties of bush beans (Adzuki, Tongues of Fire, Black Coco, Calypso, Lina Cisco's Bird Egg, Peregion, Scarlet Beauty, and Tiger Eye) this year and am wondering if there is any way to anticipate which might also benefit from support.



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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Unclejohn, some bush varieties sprawl, or send out one short runner... but support should not be needed. Of the varieties listed, I have grown Calypso & Tiger Eye beans; while they sometimes put out a single 24" runner, they did not require support. "Adzuki" is a type of bean, not a variety; I have grown several varieties of adzuki, none of which needed support.

All of these beans benefit from a layer of straw (or other mulch), which keeps the beans clean & reduces the chance of disease. I should also point out that "adzuki" (the generic type is most likely red) is a different species from the others, so you could save pure seed with no chance of crossing.

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