Dogs and Lilies....

Mrs.XApril 26, 2013

So I came home today from buying a new car, and found that my little chihuahua mix had been chewing on my Lily Commander-in-Chief. I took a closer look and found that he had completely taken off the buds that were growing from it. I had just planted it recently so it is still fairly new, hasn't even had its first flower yet, so I was wondering if I keep watering it and feeding it if the buds will eventually grow back soon, if at all, or is it going to take an entire year for them to reform?

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Nancy zone 6

Once the buds are broken off, the plant is done for that year, no bloom til next year. I know it feels bad not to see blooms this year, but since it is a new spring planted flower, & it can now concentrate on building up the bulb, you may have really nice flower next year. I know, it really doesn't make you feel any better though, does it? I lost flowers on almost every lily in my garden a couple of years ago when we had a late hard frost. lilies were just barely up, but they were up enough the buds were frozen. The year before apparently deer or rabbits ate the tips off several lilies, the only year I've had that happen.

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