My Lily Bloomed in Early April

wcleeApril 2, 2008

I came home from work this evening and was surprised to see that one of my Lilies bloomed. I thought Lilies didn't bloom until Summer.

Here is a picture:

I am in Southern California and I bought a bunch of bulbs from Home Depot in mid Feb. The bulbs are in a rich soil with lots of sun and the weather has been real nice. They have been in the ground for about 6 weeks.

Is it typical for Lilies to bloom this early in my area?


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I am not happy to tell you that Lilies are not suitable for your zone. They need cold period (6-8 weeks) every winter to bloom. Bulbs you bought from HD were prechilled.

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The bulbs from Home Depot being prechilled makes sense.

I also purchased bulbs from the Lily Garden and those lilies are still growing.

I planted the Lily Garden bulbs in October and the lilies are now over 2 feet tall with no sign of blooming. The Home Depot bulbs were planted in mid February and are showing signs of bloom in early April. The Home Depot lilies are around 12" to 18" tall.

I bought the Home Depot bulbs because they seemed to be a good deal $10 for 7 bulbs. The Lily Garden bulbs were much more expensive.

How cold does it need to get for Lilies to bloom?

I have a peach tree and I tracked the chill hours at my local CIMIS weather station ( and my area got 381 chill hours this past winter

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As far as I know they need at least two months at 40 F or lower to bloom.

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