the difference between snow pea and sugar snap plants

precioushoney(5b)May 13, 2010

Okay so I planted two rows of sugar snap and two rows of snow peas on the same trellis. The trellis runs east to west and the snow peas are on the north side and the sugar snap are on the south.

So my question is how will I tell the difference between the two when its time to harvest because I don't want the snow peas to get to big right?

Are sugar snap peas flat like snow before they mature?

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No Sugar Snap peas look like shelling peas. Round pods, just more fleshy and tender. Snow peas are flat and thin. You need to pick these before the peas start showing.

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So,I keep posting replies but they arent showing up, hopefully they dont all pop up at once LOL

Before they mature will they still look like shelling peas?

I guess im just wondering if there will be a distinct diffrence while they develop?

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Snap peas ( Sugar Snap is one variety) are essentially shelling peas with a tender fleshy pod. They can be used at any up until the pod begins to dry. Like snap beans, as they approach maturity, they are best used as shellies. Both shelling peas and snap peas are normally used in immature stages. There is a group of peas usually referred to as soup peas, which are used as mature (dried peas)
Snow peas are grown for the immature pods and tender shoots. The actual peas have little use. These have to be picked before the peas begin to form in the pod. A pod containing peas will be tough and stringy.

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I know that snow peas have to be picked before the peas get big, and I know that Sugar snap fill out more.

What I want to know is, if a sugar snap and a snow pea were side by side while growing would there be visual cues as to which is which?

Thanks for the replys btw :)

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Yes the difference is so obvious tha a blind person could easily tell the difference. Paper thin flat pods versus round meaty pods. There are also obvious visual differences most of time. Snap peas have white blossoms, many snow pea varieities have purple blossoms. Snap pea vines are medium green, many snow pea cultivars have a more yellowish green vine.

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Thanks Farmerdilla! That is the answer I was looking for. I posted my first question before my coffee kicked in or else I would have realized it wasnt as clear and i would have liked it.

Thanks everyone!

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