Heat tolerance of species lily Henryi

Heather BuckingApril 23, 2012

I planted species lily Henryi in a raised bed in my driveway, where it gets blocky, patchy sun/shade. Some of the lilies get more sun than the others.

When the lilies get sun, they seem to droop to me. The tops of the foliage presses down. The ones in the shade stick out straight, unless they happen to also get hit with sun.

I'm wondering if this is a bad sign. I thought maybe it was a lack of water, so I watered, but it still seems to happen when they get sun. This seemed a little contradictory to me, since they are supposedly full sun plants.

Also, I wonder if my bed is deep enough -- it is about 5-6 inches deep.

I also had some daffodils in there that did not seem to bloom very long.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Lilium henryi is from China where it grows in mountainous, forested regions. It is not at all tolerant of hot, dry conditions. Make sure it has plenty of shade in summer and a lot of organic compost (leaf mold) round the roots. It gets a terrific amount of rain in summer but is almost dry in winter.If you don't get any of those plains thunderstorms, you might consider watering a bit. Good luck.

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