Lilies hit by a freeze

booberry85(5)April 18, 2012

Crud! I got excited with the warmer weather and planted some lilies over the weekend. When I checked the weather before planting, the night time temps weren't suppose to get below 40 any day this week. Last night we had a freeze warning. I did cover them, but it wasn't enough. You could see the damage when I took the covers off this morning. The temp had dropped to 32 during the night. I'm sure the bulbs will be ok, but no flowers this year. I'm bummed.

Not really looking for advice. I just wanted to whine and look for some sympathy & empathy. After years of vegetable gardening, I started beefing up my perennial flower beds last year. I just started getting into lilies last year.

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I am surprised you are seeing damage - lily shoots are quite able to withstand a light frost. It hit 27F here last week and my lilies are up about a foot. No damage. How much growth did they have on them? If they were already sprouted bulbs that had been held for sale indoors, then that abrupt transition to outdoors and freezing temperatures may have been the issue. FWIW, I always bury a significant portion of the sprout - it won't hurt to be deep in the soil and it does provide some additional protection.

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"If they were already sprouted bulbs that had been held for sale indoors." Unfortunately this was the case. I did bring in the ones I hadn't planted yet, so those I'll bury a little deeper when I get to planting them. I'm nervous about planting anything else out this early now. Our weather seems to be riding a roller coaster. Monday it hit 90, an all time high.

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There is a difference between various lilies how sensitive they are to the freezing. The trumpet lilies are the worst. Martagons and asiatics can take more.

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Thanks Wieslaw. That's exactly what I found out the hard way. The Asiatics seem to have bounced back, but the trumpet lilies are still droopy (but not dead!)

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