surpise lilies from trade

dkline_2008(MI 5)April 7, 2008

I have a question. I am in zone 5 and I traded for some surpise lilies from someone in a warmer zone. The stems have now turned yellow and it looks like they are dying. By the way, I planted them in pots in the house for now. Is it alright to plant them outside now, even though it may frost yet? I have never had these but they are beautiful. Also, I think I read somewhere that these are hardy in my zone 5. Is that correct? Thank you in advance for you help.


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Nell Jean

If you're referring to lycoris radiata (red spider lilies), it's the time of year that they die back. Go ahead and put them in the ground. They will be a lovely surprise in September when the days get shorter. They sometimes sulk when they're moved. If so, you'll have to wait through another cycle of winter green, summer rest and fall bloom.

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dkline_2008(MI 5)

Thank you so much for responding. I kind of thought it was time for them to die back but wasnt real sure.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


If they are Radiata, then they are not hardy in your area, so you would maybe not want to plant them, but instead grow them in a pot, and then bring them into a protected area each winter.

Do you maybe know what variety they are. There are several Lycoris, and some are much hardier than others.

I have the Lycoris Squamigera. The strap like foliage is still emerging. They, like other Lycoris, will sulk for a season or two if moved or disturbed. You may likely not see blooms this season, regardless of which ones you might have.


Here is a link that might be useful: Surprise Lily, Magic Lily, Naked Lady

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