the difference between edith wolford and haute les voiles

irisfan_grower(5 illinois)July 22, 2009

can anyone tell me the difference between a haute les voiles and an edith wolford....i have purchased both and i dont know which one bloomed

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irisfan_grower(5 illinois)

here is a pick of mine and dont know which one it is....doesnt look real close to either

Here is a link that might be useful:

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Nice slideshow! Thanks for sharing.

My guess is Haute les Voiles, because of the blue beard and the cream colored standards. Edith Wolford has canary-yellow standards, and the beard is more yellow, and it has yellow hafts. You will be able to tell if it reblooms- Edith is a rebloomer.

I love the lavendar luminata you have- the one in the photo with the peach iris. I'm going to try to find one like that. I also love Fall Fiesta's shape. I think you have one historic iris mislabeled as Starship Enterprise.


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irisfan_grower(5 illinois)

thanks renee for the info....the wind was blowing alot that day so it was hard to get pictures....iris dont last real long and we was expecting a bad storm so i didnt know what was going to be left of them...i cant wait til next spring....i have a hard time saving new iris i plant from winter...they are usually going to try my best to keep them this year.....another problem i ran into is i lost labels on some flowers...i thought they would be alright but the weather did them in so now i have to try and identify some....then i planted some the same colors to close to one another...if you get a chance look at the red one in photobucket and see if you think its warchief or samarii warrior......the peach one i got from a nursery that closed alot of years husband put his fish cleaning table there and it never bloomed from not getting enough sun...he finally got a table that the top comes off so this was the first year it bloomed ...the purple one that you think is historic come up by it...i never saw it before lol...thanks for the reply cause i can use all the help i can get.....i have a rebloomer blooming that the name is unknown so i will be posting it when it blooms out.....trully rita

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That looks like "Chasing Rainbows," also a Hager iris. It's definitely not Edith Wolford...


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Hey Rita,
I went online to buy your "Fall Fiesta" last night and Fall Fiesta is orange and yellow, not yellow and white like yours. Did you buy any that were supposed to be yellow and white?

Your red iris looks more like War Chief than Samurai Warrior.

Have you ever looked up irises on Dave's Garden Plant Files? I put the link below. You just type in "tall bearded iris Samurai Warrior" or whatever and you get to see a whole bunch of photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Searching Plant Files

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irisfan_grower(5 illinois)

thanks for the replies....i use to have all my iris info and map on my other puter til it got a trying to get my file off of the files were who i ever bought iris from and how good of a rhisome it was etc.
i miss it alot

i know i bought haute les voiles from a gal named toodles1957 from ebay and i bought edith wolford from walmart

i also bought my fall fiesta from walmart cause i had it labeled....i even kept the info and picture off the package....i posted on another post about how when i buy iris they are not the color i expected cause i do admit i thought mine should be is a pale yellow with a brighter yellow.....just like my superstition is dark purple and not black....someone posted back and said that when you plant iris in different zones with climate and soil change that it can turn iris slightly a different color

the samurai warrior and war chief had me puzzled

the rebloomer i have on another post i think is feedback cause im sure i bought it from ebay from iris sisters farm but its lost its label

i go on daves website all the time when someone talks about an iris that i want to see what it looks like....i noticed that some of the pictures he has posted on certain iris vary a little to alot on iris colors

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It's not "Haut Les Voiles" or "Chasing Rainbows" I grow both, it may be "Kevin's Theme" Maybe. Your "Fall Fiesta" is also not correct there are too many with that color combo to id from a photo, consider them no-ids and enjoy the flowers themselves.

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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

Hi Irisfan,

As a word of advice, never buy Iris from Walmart (or any place that does not specialize in Iris) because you'll never know what you'll get. I would also be very cautious purchasing Iris from Ebay. Many put any old picture on there claiming to be a certain variety.

As Daloverat, mentioned, what you have as HAUTE LES VOILES is not correct.

Your YELLOW GROUP might possibly OLA KALA.

Your UNKNOWN, on the first page, third row, second from the right (the luminata type one), is definitely ALADDIN'S WISH by Arthur Murawska (a Chicago native).


Your PURPLE (on page 2) might be INDIAN CHIEF.

The only true way to confirm what you have is to purchase any suggestion we might give you and grow it NEXT to your unknown. If they bloom with and look exactly the same, you know you have a match.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Thanks for the ID on Aladdin's Wish, Carlos! Now I know what I'm looking for. I'll also look up Ola Kala.

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