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genes(Zone6 NS Canada)April 25, 2012

Good day..first post here I believe..starting to accumulate quite a few daylilies..I do have markers for each plant, but often times, the markers get raked out etc in the fall ..I do have software (Plantstep) that I basically know what bed each plant is in but no way to specifically identify a plant with no there any free software online that people are using to specifically identify the location of each daylily in each bed...Thanks


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There is a separate forum for daylilies - this one is limited to the discussion of true lilies (although a LOT of daylily questions get asked and answered :-)) You may just find better and more specific answers to your request from fellow daylily growers.

I'd also consider posting in the Design or Professional Gardening forums as they more often deal with software, both design and/or database software. You can always map out individual beds by hand on graph paper and then identify which plant where. Sometimes the old fashioned method works faster and better than new technology :-)

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genes(Zone6 NS Canada)

Thanks, will do, sorry about that...take care

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