Lily leaves going crusty brown

JSeymourApril 10, 2014

Hi there,

I have three asiatic lilies (golden jubilee) in a tub on my windowsill. They bloomed marvelously, however are now without any blooms and have some discoloured, shriveled leaves - the first leaves at the base, and the tips/sides of a few nearer the top. Is this normal, or is it a parasite? I know they're supposed to be grown outdoors, however i don't have a garden and so put them on my very sunny sill as they came from the garden shop. There are three in a 9" (ish) tub, so I had thought they might be a bit crowded? I have been fertilizing with Miracle Grow liquid feed once a week. I've attached a link to an apple icloud page (very reputable, don't worry) with a picture from a few days ago showing blooms and a picture from today.
Any thoughts garden gurus?

Here is a link that might be useful: Apple iCloud Photostream Images

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I might expect a leaf or two here and there to go, but if it does spread more, you might consider your fertlizer. Even if you did the 1/2 strength measurement for indoor plants or some potted plants, it might have still been too much for this particular plant.

Also, it looks fine for water with no drooping leaves or stalks, but underwatering is also another possibility with dry and brown-looking leaves.

3 in your 9" pot is OK, so it's not related to overcrowding as long as they all get sufficient watering.

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