Frustrated with clogged bean poles

catherinet(5 IN)May 23, 2007

Hi all,

This year, for my pole beans, I was trying to stabilize my galvanized conduit bean poles, by setting them over a concrete reinforcing wire post. I haven't used these poles in about 20 years. Well, I used to just stick them in the ground and they are filled with rock-hard soil. I've tried everything to get the hard soil out, and I can only go so far. There's no sense in threading them over the CRW posts, if I can only got 7". Grrrrrrr.......

Should I give up, or do some of you know some sort of trick to clean these out?

Of course I'm shooting a stream of water in there to try to soften it up. I've used a drill bit, screwdriver, and other assorted stuff, but I can't get up far enough. Any suggestions? I've wasted way too much time on this! Maybe I should just go to plan B....which is just pushing them in the ground again.??

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catherinet(5 IN)

Well, I let them sit for a couple hours. Then I went out with a longer screwdriver I found, and was able to get the rest of the stuff out. YAY! I guess its just a slow process........of adding water a little at a time to soften it up.

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